People walking on the Mohawk River Trail near Utica, New York, are finding fairy doors and painted rocks. Have you seen any?

What a nice pick me up for those feeling down due to COVID-19. You can't help but smile when you see one. We hear there are 22 of them so take the kids and see how many you can find.

Anne Bacauskas Sullivan

Tracy Scott says I know who it was, but not telling, yet😊 They just wanted to spread a little happiness and magic during these trying times. If you look on the back their Instagram is on there❤️ There are 22 of them

Anne Bacauskas Sullivan
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Facebook comments:

Keri Campbell: Oh my!! We will have to go for a walk just to find them 🙂 How cute!

Marilyn Reader Ball: That’s a very thoughtful idea. It certainly spreads joy.

Lindsay Allen:  Loved seeing these yesterday!!! Made my daughter smile and for that thank you. 😊😊

Anne Bacauskas Sullivan

The inscription on the back of the doors, @elemental.fae, takes us here.


Thank You to 'The Elemental Fae' for giving people a reason to smile, and to Anne Bacauskas Sullivan for the pictures.

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