In the Detroit, Michigan suburb of Trenton, there's a legend about a lost Indian Village and the ghost of a British soldier.

The village was called Monguagon, and there actually was a township of Monguagon in the late 1800s. As to the actual location of the village, some sites say it's at the corner of Harrison & Edsel.

However, on the corner of W. Jefferson and Slocum is a historical marker that claims this site is the scene of the Battle of Monguagon. It was at this site that Michigan had its only victory in the War of 1812, and is supposedly haunted.

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It was here that a British soldier by the name of Muir was shot in the head, killed, and left on the battleground. That night, Muir's spirit, bloody from the war, appeared in his girlfriend Marie's bedroom. His mission was to beg her to retrieve his body from the battleground before anybody else disposed of it. Before he left, he put his hand on hers.

Marie woke the next morning, somewhat shaken, not sure if what she experienced was a dream or not. She looked down at her hand and saw a black mark where Muir had laid his hand. Convinced it really happened, Marie coaxed her servant to go with her to where the body lies. They found it in some bushes and buried him on the grounds.

The black mark on her hand never went away, so Marie began wearing a black glove to keep it covered.....and every year on the anniversary of Muir's death, she would put on a black beggar's robe and go around door-to-door asking for food for the poor and homeless.

Some say her spirit hooks up with his on the battlegrounds...some say her hooded apparition is seen wandering the streets of Trenton, attempting to beg for charity.
Today, the township of Monguagon does not exist anymore.

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