There is no shortage of "haunted places" videos on YouTube. Ghost hunters all over the world have their own channels and fill them with investigations into things that go bump in the night. What you may not know, is how haunted Pampa, Texas is supposedly is.

The Hughes Building

According to this video, there is a lot going on at the Hughes Building. From the ghost of a woman screaming to things peeking around corners, this spooky spot has it all.

Worley Hospital

Ghost Hunters actually did an investigation in Worley Hospital. While you may not be too frightened by anything paranormal in the clip, I did find sinking your life savings into an abandoned hospital pretty scary.

This video includes an interview with a team member from Ghost Hunters that participated in the investigation. Also in this video are a couple of stories about things that have supposedly happened at the haunted hospital.

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Other Hauntings

There are several more videos on YouTube about haunted places in Pampa. Most of them appear to be of homes that are haunted in Pampa.

Here's another video of a home investigation. This one features "footprints."

I have a couple of problems with this next video. First of all, it's only an "EVP." EVP is industry slang for a disembodied voice that you pick up on an audio recording device. Second, the only thing that's scary about this video is their use of Bleeding Cowboys font. Press play if you dare.

As always, take this stuff with a grain of salt...or a whole circle of it if you really want to be protected.

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