Okay, as soon as it's safe to travel and do fun things again, I'm 100% visiting the International Paranormal Museum. I don't know about you, but I am getting some serious cabin fever.  The cold weather makes it not pleasant to be outside (one of the many reasons winter and I do not get along) and with the pandemic, I'm spending a lot more time inside than ever before.  So I've been using my spare time to find fun trips to go on when it is safe to do so. Even small weekend trips/day trips. If it's outside of my house, it's an adventure that I want to go on! This is definitely an adventure I'm putting on my list of places to visit!

The International Paranormal Museum and Research Center (IPMRC for short) is located in Somerset, Kentucky. Admission is cheap, per their website it's only $3 for adults and $2 for children and seniors. They're located in the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center.

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Unfortunately, they are currently closed for the time being due to an issue with their boiler, so be sure to follow their Facebook page for any updates. Their Facebook page also describes them as a museum and research center dedicated to ghosts, Bigfoot, aliens, psychics, and basically anything you can think of they may go "bump in the night."

In the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center lies The International Paranormal Museum and Research Center. We are an organization dedicated to all aspects of the paranormal, and have been investigating phenomena across the country and all over the world for almost 15 years! We've collected artifacts and unique items in our travels, and show case them here, as well as rotating artifacts on loan from other's collections! We also have an extensive library for you to browse while your are here, with books covering subjects of all things unusual.
If you're interested in visiting, their address is 107 N Main St, Somerset, KY.  You can see their hours of operation, here.

Check out a video on the museum below.

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