Is Slotherhouse a real movie? Yes, yes it is!

After the release of Cocaine Bear, ZomBeavers, Crackcoon, Cocaine Shark, Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey and Wreck (the BBC horror film about a killer duck), there's a new animal serial killer.

The official tagline of Slotherhouse is fittingly, "Don't rush, die slow." One of the world's slowest mammals will star in a sorority slasher film as the killer hunting down college students.

The movie is rated PG-13 and directed by Matthew Goodhue. The film follows college senior, Emily Young, who is attempting to become the president of her sorority. She somehow adopts a "cute sloth" that she names Alpha. Emily believes that the adorable creature could become her sorority's mascot and be the secret to her win. After a string of murders, it is discovered that Alpha is the culprit. Will the sorority sisters make it out alive?

The social media reactions to the slasher flick are just as epic as you would expect. One user presumed, "You know they’re going to produce four more of these movies just so they could use the title ‘Slotherhouse Five.’"

"'It's worth it for the name alone... I mean, c'mon man. Slotherhouse!' - Some drunk guy pitching this movie on an elevator," another user tweeted.

Watch the Slotherhouse trailer:

When is the Slotherhouse release date?

The sloth horror movie officially premieres on Aug. 30, 2023.

How to stream Slotherhouse:

The movie will first premiere in movie theaters across the United States, it is unknown if it will be available to stream at this time.

Who stars in Slotherhouse?

The main cast includes: Lisa Ambalavanar, Sydney Craven, Olivia Rouyre, Bianca Beckles-Rose and Andrew Horton.

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