Planning to get married in 2024? I'm sorry, but this might not be your year.

Along with a leap year every four years we also got an abundance of superstitions that cast a dark shadow over the day.

From failed marriages to birthdays that indicate a life of suffering, here are some of the odd superstitions and beliefs people have about leap year.

Bad Luck Marrying During A Leap Year

Hope you haven't sent the "save the date" cards for your upcoming wedding, because you might want to hold off until 2025.

According to the Huffington Post, there is a belief that couples who marry during a leap year are destined for epic failure.

"Greek and Ukrainian folklore suggests that couples that marry during a leap year have bad luck," the Huffington Post reported.

Yes, the entire year is bad luck for newlyweds regardless of when you get married in 2024. The article goes on to say the couple's failure could be as severe as divorce or a spouse's death.

Leap Year Means Frisky Whales In The Water

While some believe leap year is a harbinger of bad luck for marriages, parts of Italy think the year is actually good for their local whale population.

According to an article from Salon, the northern Italy province of Reggio Emilia refers to leap year as "the whale's year."

Getty Images
Getty Images

"Italians in this region believe that whales give birth only during leap years," the article states.

Are Leap Day Babies 'Doomed?'

Being born on Feb. 29 is already a drag since you only have a birthday every four years. On top of that, one culture thinks you've got worse things to worry about than 75% less birthday cake than your friends.

"In Scotland, if you're lucky enough to be born on (Feb. 29), you're doomed to a life of ongoing suffering," Country & Town House reports.

The website says someone born on Feb. 29 during a leap year is often called a "leapling" or "leaper."

And while, according to some, they may be doomed to suffer, most continue to celebrate their birthdays annually on either Feb. 28 or March 1. Country and Town House says the day they celebrate often varies by country.

Senior Citizens 'More Likely' To Die During Leap Year

Not even the elderly are immune from the wrath of leap year.

Salon says it is common for people in Taiwan to believe seniors are "more likely to die every four years." That makes leap year the perfect time to consider providing extra care for older family members.

Getty Images
Getty Images

"To help promote longevity, married daughters must return home during the leap year with pig trotter noodles for her parents," Salon reports. "The noodle dish is so delicious that it's believed to wish aging parents good health and good fortune."

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