There are many supposed portals to hell. One of them is said to be in a cemetery in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

I belong to a Facebook group called the Haunted History of Kentucky and Kasey Cemetery in Elizabethtown was a recent topic of conversation. And although you see a lot of creepy dolls in that image above of the cemetery, one contributor to the group asks that you not leave anything there that you take in with you--as a way of maintaining the grounds. It is, after all, a family cemetery.

And its official name is Kasey Cemetery. So why the demonic 'Gates of Hell' nickname? Well, it's believed satanic rituals have been conducted there. But why tempt fate at night in an eerie location like a cemetery? Especially one that's been known to be this site of unexplained occurrences.

In other words, it doesn't sound like Kasey Cemetery needs any help. Oh and then there's this...the cemetery's Facebook page warns potential visitors to prepare for the inability to use electronics since it's so far out in the country. How comforting.

Check out this homemade mini-documentary from The Paranormal Couple who recorded some eerie sounds during their visit:


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