Does Lake Michigan have its very own "Lake Ness" monster? It appears as though we have a new Michigan Mystery based on this video taken in the southwest Michigan city of South Haven in 2019.

While scrolling through Facebook, I came across a video from a friend. Tim Wenzel had this to say of what he saw...

The "Lake Ness" monster being washed over the south pier during the gale on 6-13-2019 lol. But really, what the heck is it? Apologies on quality - taken from downtown with live web camera in 40 mph wind. Credit: WWMT and Horizon Broadband livestream service.

Perchance, Tim happened to be keeping an eye on conditions at the lake on June 13, 2019. Not paying close attention, something caught his eye. He decided to go back 30 seconds in the feed and this is what he saw.

Check the video out for yourself...what do you think it is?

I happened to run into a veterinarian and showed him the video. Dr. Pete VanVranken of the Dickman Road Veterinary Clinic in Battle Creek couldn't quite figure out what it was either. An eel? He thought it might be something alive after watching until the end and seeing, what he thought was, the "thing" seemingly intentionally dive underwater once it made it through the other side of the south pier in South Haven.

There are many opinions on what it is but we may never really have an answer.

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