Michigan keeps surprising me.

This was a discovery that happened a couple of years ago but, it's news to me. In fact, when I did a search after discovering this find on archaeology-world.com, I gave it a quick goog (is that what the kids are saying?) and found just one article from the year of the original discovery. You can read it here.

I don't know why this find, made years ago, is just NOW gaining attention but I don't care. I love weird finds like this and I want to talk about it!

Now, my excitement over some stones being found at the bottom of a giant lake may be fueled by my obsession with the show Outlander on Starz. Fellow fans will understand my reasoning (any chance these can also send us back in time to meet our own Jamie Frasers?). But, I digress.

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Archaeologists were searching Lake Michigan for shipwrecks using remote sensing technology and instead discovered a circle of stones, much like Stonehenge, at the bottom of the lake. One of the stones in the area even has a carving of what looks like an ancient carving of a mastodon. Experts have been called in to verify the age of the stone and to make sure it's real. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to dive to the bottom of Lake Michigan, so for now experts are basing their opinions on pictures of the rock in question.

Throughout this endeavor of searching for shipwrecks, archaeologists found boats, cars, even things dating back to the civil war. But, these stones? If real they could be nearly 10,000 years old. Incredible, yes, but apparently not that unusual since the area was populated by humans and mastodons during the Ice Age.

In fact, just recently, prehistoric remains were found at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. And the lake is filled with shipwrecks and the lingering mystery of the Lake Michigan Triangle.

Discovery TV's 'Secrets of the Underground' has conducted an investigation of the site.


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