The disappearance and re-appearance of Steven Kubacki is still a mystery that may never be solved.

Steve was a student at Hope College when he vanished near Saugatuck in February 1978. He had embarked on some cross-country skiing for only a couple of days, but ended up missing for over a year.

The weird part is the 200-yard set of footprints in the snow that led to the edge of the lake. The prints abruptly stopped at the lake edge, which led authorities to the conclusion that Steven had fallen in the lake, got caught under the ice, and drowned.

On February 21, his abandoned skis and backpack were found by snowmobilers

Then, on May 5, 1979, one year and three months after disappearing, Steven "woke up" and found himself lying in the grass in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 700 miles away from where he disappeared. He later told reporters he was wearing strange clothes and had a backpack filled with maps, alluding to some extensive travel and/or hitchhiking.

He also had a T-shirt from a Wisconsin marathon and said in an interview “I feel like I’ve done a lot of running”. He had no memory of those 15 months…his last recollection was of the Lake Michigan shoreline where he left his footprints in the snow.

Did he blackout for that long and wander across the country as another person? Some feel he was a victim of the Lake Michigan Triangle, an area that has the same type of occurrences as the Bermuda Triangle: vanishing ships and planes, ghost ships & planes, UFOs… Was Steven abducted by a UFO and placed in Massachusetts? Did he blackout or have amnesia for 15 months and wander around aimlessly?

Steven has unsuccessfully returned to Saugatuck to try and recollect what happened.

The mystery goes on. You can read much more detail on this mystery HERE.

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