During the day, I usually have all of the blinds and drapes open. I love the natural light coming in the windows. But at night, it's a different story. All blinds and drapes must be shut. You never know who, or what may be looking in, or what you might see looking inside at you. No, thank you.

The scenario of something outside, in the dark, just waiting to pounce or just scare the crap out of the lead character, is in just about a very scary movie. Why? Because it's beyond scary.

I always have a creepy feeling when I pass by a window or a glass door, that I will see something I don't want to see. But, as I have found out while writing my articles about ghosts or spirits, they don't always show themselves when you look out the window or even across the room. They show up in photos, later.

These photos popped up in my Facebook Groups Newsfeed and knew I wanted to write about them. So, I contacted Andrea. She is from Grand Rivers, Kentucky, which is in the Land Between the Lakes, around Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. And, that is where these photos were taken.

This is what she wrote in her status.

Any thoughts on this? I took these pics of my great-niece because she just looked so cute. The first one was taken and then the second one was taken less than a minute later. I did not see this until after both pics. This happened several years ago, but I’ve never quit being curious about it.

[I altered the photos with a blur over the baby's face to protect her identity]

Andrea S/Facebook
Andrea S/Facebook
Andrea S/Facebook
Andrea S/Facebook

Remember, Andrea said she took the photos with just seconds between them. It looks like whatever is in the yard is quickly moving toward the house. Also, keep in mind that Andrea saw nothing odd or any ghostly figure when she was taking the photos. YIKES!

Here are a few of the Facebook comments regarding the photos and possible explanations.

I am seeing a dog in the first and it looks like it's standing on its back legs in the second with its head tilted and paws up. If no dogs were around, maybe one from your family's past is protecting her! - KY

I can understand how this could be concerning. For me, at first glance, I thought it was a tree. I looked at both pictures, magnified, still saw a tree. If there is not a tree their ~ PANIC!
I would also continue taking pictures in that direction to see if it's still there, if it moves, or if there are More ... ! - AW
Whoever the seat belongs to can be my best friend. I'm the only Kentucky fan in my house of 7. But I find it interesting ghosts/spirits seem to only appear in pictures. Yes, some people can see them, but for most, we don't see them until we look at a picture. - JB
So there's a good chance there's a logical explanation, or could very well be a spirit. I thought it was interesting I just read an article today about owls and people who claim to be abducted say there's a correlation between the two. they say the alien disguises itself (almost like a green screen) to look like an owl. The first picture shows a small winged creature then the following is a bigger/morphed version. Very interesting picture no matter the reason! - BW
What do YOU think is standing in the backyard?
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