Mackinac Island is all fudge and horse-drawn carriage rides and tandom bicycles right? According to a recent episode of the Lore Podcast, there is a darker side to Michigan's iconic tourist destination.

Episode 91 of the podcast Beneath the Surface explored islands

Islands have served a variety of functions for people over the years. They can be a place of safety and privacy, or of simplicity and escape. But islands have played host to other less savory events over the years. And just because they can be small, it doesn’t mean they can’t be dark.

The segment on Mackinac Island begins at 3:00 in and describes the journey of explorer Jean Nicolet and sketches the history of the island from French fur trade days through the revolution and under the flag of the United States. The story touched on the island's brief time as a National Park - but not on the little known fact that Mackinac Island could legally convert back to the federal government.

Legends Covered

  • The Downing Pool and a witch trial to rival Salem
  • Black Hole Dungeon
  • Missionaries caring for orphaned children and the mass death in the Mission House
  • The Grand Hotel

You can listen to the Lore Podcast Mackinac Island episode here.

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