Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas is well known for its underground hot springs but do you know about a street your car will mysteriously roll uphill on?

I lived and worked in Hot Springs from 1990-2001 and it took some time to learn how to navigate around all the streets, backroads, short cuts to get home in a tourist city that has a lot of traffic. However, one of the streets I didn't know about was Magnet Street, a street that goes uphill when you turn your car engine off and put it in neutral. Your vehicle will start to coast uphill. There have been many stories about the so-called Gravity Hills phenomenon in other cities and towns but the one in Hot Springs is unique as explained by John Cooksey with the Hot Springs Broadcast Network. Monty Everhart who is featured in the video is a friend of mine and he gives us his personal insight into this bizarre street in Hot Springs that couldn't be found on Google maps back when this video was shot in 2018.  I encourage you to Google it now and see what you come up with.

So, the last time I was in Hot Springs I went to this spot and tried it out. Really, really weird, to say the least. There are many theories behind what causes this effect but I am going to just stick with the fact, that the street has mystical powers just like the underground Hot Springs.

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