A lonely street corner in Lubbock, Texas, is home to the mysterious soul known as 'Memphis Man' often spotted after dark at the corner of Memphis and 66th Street.

After hearing stories of Memphis Man, we sought out Darrell Maloney, author of Haunted Lubbock: True Ghost Stories From The Hub of the Plainsto tell us more.

The Memphis Man appears after sundown at the corner of Memphis and 66th Street as you are driving north on Memphis.

Haunted Places tells the legend:

A man waiting at a bus stop on a winter morning who was killed when a bus slid on some ice. An optical illusion makes it look to northbound drivers on Memphis Street like there’s a man leaning on a post near the bus stop.

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Memphis Man Street Corner + Possible Explanation

Here's a view of that street corner during the day. Notice the large poles along either side of Memphis Avenue? Backpackerverse finds a plausible reason for the sightings:

The city updated their street lighting and the truth was revealed…

The Memphis Man was in fact a utility pole.

His apparition was merely an optical illusion.

For Lubbock resident Adam, it made perfect sense.

“I drive northbound on Memphis all the time, and it’s abundantly clear that’s a utility pole,” he said with a smirk.

“Then again, that might have been harder to see when there were fewer lights on the avenue, so no judgment.”

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This video goes in search of Memphis Man.

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