I don't want to rain on the parade of those who want to believe that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet every day, but most sightings of unidentified flying objects can easily be explained by science. However, among the 40 UFO reports in Missouri already in 2023, some can't easily be explained away.

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When I talk about the 40 UFO reports in Missouri, I'm referring to the ones submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center website. We can eliminate a number of those which are mistaken sightings of Starlink satellites, conventional aircraft and planets. (Yes, planets are regularly spotted and mistaken for E.T.) Here are the 5 that I have yet to hear a logical explanation for:

January 13, 2023 - Bridgeton, Missouri - "We noticed from our living room window something in the sky. Went outside to look. Coming from the west going east maybe southeast a pair of round objects not fast. There was a red hue to them but in photo and video did not pick up as well the color. Used a cell phone camera. As they passed from our right to left maybe two miles from us they were, then the first one we did not see and then there was another pair coming from our right like the first pair. Moved the same. We had our neighbor come out to view it as well. There was a small propeller plane coming over to our left a couple house down going in the direction of the pair of second objects. Flew over the first one and we thought for sure the pilot saw them. We did not hear any noise from the two pair of objects. Called the airport they said they had no suspicious finding on the radar." (See their picture)

January 20, 2023 - Collins, Missouri - "Closest I've ever seen unbelievable. One hovering white lights on it . moving east to west up down side to side no noise then came back east call my parents to step out on porch to look they seen it took pictures video .He took some tried calling other neighbor's but not home then it went back west then another one came up higher in the sky up the valley from the west then went northwest then out of sight the first one kept going on West down the valley low till it was out of sight lasted about twenty minutes or so quite a eventful night called Whiteman Air Force Base they said call local Pd so call St Clair Co dispatch made a report they had not had any other calls yet pretty wild." (See their picture)

February 3, 2023 - Farmington, Missouri - "Noticed a bright white object in the eastern sky. It was above the moon yet has seemingly drifted slowly to the right" (See their picture)

March 28, 2023 - Boonville, Missouri - "I went outside with my dog to let him out before bed, happened to look to the northwest and saw three bright white lights low on the horizon to the N/NW. They did not seem to be very close but I could see them well. At first I thought they were stars but I thought they seemed too low on the horizon to be that bright and shortly after noticing the three bright lights in an acute triangle shape, the top one faded out and the bottom two tilted at an angle to the right and faded out. After that I continued watching as the lights would get really bright and fade in and out. I saw a plane with red flashing lights which is normal for here but it seemed to go towards the formation and I could no longer see it once it got in the area of where I saw the lights. At one point one of the lights got really bright and another one looked like it came right up to touch the other and then faded away. The lights continued to fade in and out and I thought they seemed to be moving in a clockwise circular motion as they faded and got bright again probably every minute or two until eventually I could no longer see them after about ten minutes. I could not get any sky pictures with my iPhone but I looked at an app I have called Flightradar24 to see what planes might be in the area and there was nothing in the direction that I saw the lights in."

April 2, 2023 - Warsaw, Missouri - "After seeing a helicopter & A10, a formation of about ten winged, but vertical, objects glided silently through the air over my cove...As the A10 flew over me West to East, I saw around ten silent objects fly by in formation behind my house and disappear into the tree-line...I have limited observational experience, but I fly drones, so I'll do my best. The objects had a brown body and black wings. At first, I thought it was a flock of birds. But they were big for birds, as big or bigger than birds of prey, such as eagles...Then the sun glinted off of one of them, so I figured they were metallic. Also, they flew by horizontally, yet their wings were perfectly vertical, which would give them no lift. Again, they were perfectly silent."

There are others that have officially been submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center that are also unusual, but it does make you wonder what's going on in our skies. Someone (or more likely SOMETHING) has devious plans.

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