New Jersey is a state we associate with the Jersey Devil stalking the barren sand and pine forests between the ocean and large cities known as the Barrens. But what if another cryptid was actually making the Pine Barrens its home, not just one or two individual Bigfoots -  but how about Bigfoot families living in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

Eric Spinner is a local South Jersey Bigfoot Researcher who was recently interviewed by Eric Mintel, a Pennsylvanian who studies Bigfoot and everything weird and paranormal - when he's not playing jazz music.

Mintel recently interviewed Spinner about recent South Jersey Bigfoot encounters - including some juvenile Bigfoots:

Spinnner is associated with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and is the co-founder of NASBRO (North American Sasquatch Bigfoot Research Organization). Also featured in the video is Mark Moran, a publisher of Weird NJ.

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