Danbury, Connecticut is a special place with a storied history.

Lately, the city is best identified with the story of the Danbury Trashers or the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant. While there is nothing wrong with those more modern chapters of the biography, Danbury is so much more.

The entirety of the Danbury tale could not be told, without the story of the Old Jail. Recently, I set out to try and capture a look inside and a small portion of the story of how it was saved.

The Old Jail is part of the city's Main Street Historic District. Wikipedia describes the Old Fairfield County Jail at 80 Main Street as

An 1872 Second Empire building used for its original purpose until 1969. Today it has been converted mostly to senior housing, with part of the ground floor set aside as a small museum. It was determined eligible for the National Register in 1980 but has not been formally listed.

44 Images From Inside the Haunting + Historic Old Jail in Danbury

Rich history and survival is the story of Danbury's Old Jail. It's historical significance in the Hat City is unquestionable, and many residents know some of the facts. What people may not know, is that it took great effort on the part of many Danbury residents to keep it protected. It's not a miracle that it stands today, it's a result of hard work and respect for the City's narrative. Here I share with you some of the facts that make the Old Jail special, the work it took to keep it intact and why I found the space haunting. 

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