One of the things about graveyards is that there seem to be things around you that you can't see in plain sight. It might be a feeling, a quick shadow, a chill, or noises. Some of the things can't be explained. If you are open to the paranormal, you will see things. If you aren't. you might not.

Once, when visiting my mom's grave, I heard a bird chirping so loudly, it was as if it was trying to get my attention. I felt like, in my heart, it was my mom's way of saying hello. If someone in a nearby yard heard the same bird, they would just think it was an annoying, noisy bird. My mom loved birds, especially Cardinals and Bluebirds, so birds always make me think of her.

You see, most of the things that happen to us, the things we feel, hear, and see, no one else gets the same thing out of it takes the same things away from the experience. Life has a way, sometimes, of unexpectedly filling our needs. Like the bird at my mom's grave, the bluebirds that come up to greet me at my kitchen window, or the yellow (her favorite color) butterflies that I literally see everywhere I go. To me, it mom letting me know she is still with me.

One of my very close friends and family members posted on her Facebook page, a photo of a family headstone taken in1972. She found the photo amongst her mother's things when she passed away from COVID-19 last year. The headstone marks the grave of her great-great-great-grandmother and it's located in a cemetery that is up on top of a hill in Daviess County, Kentucky, near Owensboro. The entire cemetery is almost hidden in the woods and you have to hike to get to it.

When she came across the photo, she saw amazing images of faces on the front of the headstone. Faces that weren't originally etched or carved in the rock. They were faces that, when you see them, you SEE them and they're kinda spooky. Now, keep in mind, the photo was taken back in 1972 when there was no such thing as photoshop or filter apps of any kind. It's really unbelievable. Many people that she showed the photo to, saw many faces in the photo. To me, it looks like only two.

I see the faces, do you?


The headstone is so old it's fallen over and broken, appearing to be upside down too. That's very creepy too. But, it IS a family headstone, so it's not creepy at all, right? It's still kinda creepy. Upside down, broken, weird faces and all.


If you come across photos that have something unexplainable in them, send them to me, HERE.

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