The loud boom heard throughout the Great Lakes region at around noon on Wednesday (December 2) was most likely a meteor or fireball explosion, according to the American Meteor Society. AMS reports sightings today at around 12:10 p.m. throughout Upstate New York, in Canada, Michigan, Ohio and as far south as Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Several people in the Mohawk Valley called 911 when they heard the loud explosion.

Oneida County authorities were looking into reports of the loud "boom or explosion" heard throughout the western portion of the county, according to Sheriff Rob Maciol.

Maciol reported that his department received several reports from the community. Reports started being called into authorities right around 12 noon.

From reports around the region, the booms stretched from the Utica, New York area to Detroit, Michigan.

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WROC in Rochester, New York, reports

Kevin Z, who was in Batavia at the time. His remarks were “It had a very bright trail, characteristic to meteor burning.”

In November, video was captured of an odd ring formed in the skies over Louisiana.

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