Kentucky has its fair share of legends. Around Spottsville, an old coal-mining town in the western part of the state near Owensboro, on the Ohio River, the legend is of a cryptid monster similar to Bigfoot.

Those who claim to have seen this monster claim there was more than one.

The Cryptiz Fandom Wiki gives the summary of the encounter that lead to the legend:

During the year of 1975 in Spottsville, KY, the Nunnelly family home was terrorized by mysterious 8 foot tall creatures. Their nightmare was written about in newspapers, and broadcast on TV shows; but the mystery as to what was roaming the quiet western Kentucky town outside of Henderson remains....

The legend has also earned its own documentary available for viewing on Amazon Prime. Those who have watched the 39-minute short have given it good reviews:

I really enjoy watching intelligent Bigfoot documentaries that document experiences, sightings and evidence. This one was refreshing because it wasn't a bunch of people running around in the woods at night trying to spot a Sasquatch with night vision cameras and goggles. There was no whooping and tree knocking, thank goodness! The interviewer was clear and concise in his questions and the witnesses were intelligent and to the point. There were no silly reenactments with people dressed in ape suits. The witnesses just told what they experienced calmly and clearly. It was quite interesting and left the question of what this creature could be up to the viewer. Intelligent, as no one really knows what they are, yet.


This is one of the most believable Bigfoot sighting videos I've seen. I enjoyed listening to their encounters.


This isn't a bad short film on the topic of bigfoot. It's not the highest quality filmmaking, but the people who are interviewed are interesting and there's a creepiness to the stories that makes it worth watching.

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Look, I'm not ruling anything out after I got a tap on my shoulder while in my grandfather's VACANT apartment a week after he died.

And since I believe there are all KINDS of animal species that have yet to be discovered simply because scientists, zoologists, and researchers can't get to them for whatever reasons, I can't 100% decry the existence of certain creatures that COULD be considered cryptids--animals that have been claimed to exist even though there's no proof.

I'm not alone in my refusal to completely discount some of these legends, either. Ron Coffey and Barton Nunnelly are a couple of authors who've written extensively about Kentucky cryptidsCoffey's written a book called Kentucky Cryptids: "Monsters" of the Bluegrass State while Nunnelly has published multiple tomes on the topic--Mysterious Kentucky, Vols I & II, The Inhumanoids, and Bigfoot in Kentucky.

Creepy Staure In Kentucky Woods Remains a Mystery

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