True Crime has seen a surge in popularity over the past several years. Serial killers, unsolved and strange cases, and the details on some of the biggest court cases in history have all become fodder for a massive audience.

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That made me wonder, who was the worst serial killer in Texas history?

The answer you'll get to that question is usually Kenneth McDuff, or "The Broomstick Killer." Here are 5 facts about McDuff:

1. He is suspected of at least 14 murders

McDuff's first murders were in 1966. He and an accomplice murdered three teenagers.

2. The "broomstick is a reference to the first murders

During the first murders, McDuff used part of a broomstick to strangle the female victim

3. He tried bribing a member of the parole board

McDuff had been sentenced to death by electric chair. His sentence would be commuted to a life sentence. He tried bribing one of the board members during a one-on-one interview. They added 2 years to his sentence. It didn't matter. He was granted parole and released in 1989.

4. It is believed he started killing again three days after his release

That's when the body of Sarafia Parker was discovered. McDuff was never charged for the murder of Parker.

5. He was executed in 1998

Police finally captured McDuff in Kansas City, where he was working under an alias at a refuse collection company in 1992. In 1993, he was sentenced to death. In November of 1998 he was finally executed in Texas.

There is going to be a new podcast starting on September 28, examining McDuff's case and how he is the only Texan to receive the death penalty three times. You can get more details here.

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