This house just might be the most simple but amazingly decorated house for Halloween.

No you don't need a crazy flashing light display as this house proves. Located on the northside of Lansing, the wooden house features two large eyes and rows of teeth outlining the porch.

This house was shared on an area Facebook group and gathered a great deal of comments:

They did it last year too. We were hoping they did it again and were so happy when we saw they had. It’s genius!

It's really cool to see it at night

Everytime I pass, I always smile. They do great. Those eyes and teeth at night lit up is just amazing

very creative--I saw this yesterday on my way home....spooky!!!

I know that house - I lived on lake Lansing a few years ago - good job on the decorations!

Do you have a creatively decorated house near you, let us know in the comments section below.

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