Morenci is a small city that sits on the Michigan State Line with Ohio. The city has about as many ghost stories as residents. We've collected some of the ghost stories and urban legends from the city that calls itself, "the First Step into Pure Michigan."

Here is a sampling of stories shared to Ghosts of America:

The Morgue House

There is supposed to be a house on North Street (M-156) that contained a morgue in a basement and connected via tunnel to a funeral home across the street.  Bodies in the morgue/funeral home were not prepared properly and that led to the haunting

The house is said to be haunted by many spirits, good and bad. From hearing singing, humming, and hearing screams and children talking, to hearing someone mimic family's voices and disturbing videos in basement, and huge buzzing sounds and being choked in your sleep to other crazy things.

Oak Grove Cemetery

oak grove cemetery - morenci
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Oak Grove Cemetery on the city's north end is home to a glowing red light

While playing night tag as a teen back in the 80s at Oak Grove cemetery with about 6-8 friends I was hiding on the south side of the cemetery behind a big tomb stone. When the clouds cleared the moon lit everything up real bright.
The whole road on the south side from front to back was glowing a reddish color and I kept seeing a horse with a guy dressed in a Civil War uniform walking down the road towards the west.

And a creepy broken tombstone.

It's near the tree lines in the very back. There's no name no dates of birth-death that are legibile enough to read. The stone itself is crumbling and kind of rusty colored.
When you go near the stone you get a deep chill running through the core of your body. If you don't move away you hear some weird quiet whispers floating all around you. If you touch the stone something will touch you in return! If you place something on the grave then try to take it back it feels like you're fighting against someone else to reclaim the item like tug-o-war with nothingness! And if try to take something that was already on or a part of the stone or the ground around it something will follow you home! I did this I took a white rock from the ground in front of the stone itself.

A Warning

Other haunted places in town are Riverside Park, which is adjacent to Oak Grove Cemetery, as well as the Rex Theater and school. We'll leave you with a warning that was shared by an area resident:

People need to be warned and they need to stop messing with the ghosts in Morenci. There's freaky stuff in Riverside park and the high school library and movie theatre all have a freaky creepy vibe to it.
Every time I hear about someone trying to provoke the ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them I see something I don't want to see! I've seen weird black shadows walking along the buildings at night and heard whispering in all the parks at all different hours of the day.

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[Ghosts of America via Michigan Paranormal Association]

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