Several of these UFOs were seen in Illinois and those who witnessed these are still trying to figure out what they are.

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Many of the witnesses said that they counted over 30 of these flying objects in the sky. I have a hard time thinking that these are UFOs. These could be drones in training for a sky show or something, lanterns that people use for birthdays and anniversaries. Or maybe something as simple as crazy black birds, whatever these are I tend to lean on the side of NOT UFOs.

At the end of 2021, Illinois has seen over 2,700 reported sightings of UFOs according to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The very first documented sighting dated back to 1870 when "something unusual" was spotted in New Hampshire. And of course, we all know about Rosewell, Mexico in the late 1940s. So what does the U.S. Government say about UFOs? They have longs said,

claims of alien life stem from hoaxes or mistaking other objects like weather balloons for UFOs or alien life.

So, whether you believe in aliens, spaceships, and UFOs we will always have people out there who truly believe and with the way technology is now. Maybe, just maybe, we will finally get to see on video an E.T., Alf, or intelligent life from another planet. Only time will tell.

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