Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Waverly Hills is known for being haunted, and being a "hotbed" for paranormal activity. Part of the reason for this reputation has to do with Waverly's history. The numbers vary, but it's said that thousands died at Waverly Hills Sanatorium as it was originally a tuberculosis hospital.  The Waverly Hills Historical Society works hard to help preserve the historic landmark, and by utilizing its creepy history they're able to raise funds for their nonprofit which helps with the preservation of the building.

If you're interested in touring Waverly Hills they have a few different tour options, but if you're really into paranormal investigating, you can actually book an overnight investigation that includes a place to crash when you get too tired of ghost hunting.  The place to crash is a remodeled pump house, it originally was used for the water supply at Waverly. The original pumps are still inside the pump house, and the inside has been turned into a quite cozy place to lay your head after a night of paranormal investigating.  Oh, and the pump house is located just at the bottom of the infamous body chute, which adds a little extra spooky to the mix.  Check out photos of the pump house below.

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Here's what Waverly Hills on Facebook says about the pump house:

If you have a private 8 hour overnight investigation, this beautiful one of a kind secluded masterpiece that is literally located right at the bottom of the body chute can be yours to stay in! This building has been fully restored and is the actual pump house once used for The Waverly Hills Sanatorium water supply. The actual pumps are still in the house still this day. This beautiful cabin-like building can easily accommodate up to 15 guests comfortably, has a two person shower, two bathrooms, a microwave, a mini fridge, a coffee maker, two flat screen TV's in each room, heat and AC, is included with board games galore including items to play poker with while sitting at a table with your friends or family members! The best part about this not so little home away from home for the night resting place is that it is located literally right at the bottom of the body chute! Each bunk is large and can easily fit two to a bed should you not want to part. Each bunk comes with a soft pad and all that is simply needed for you to bring is a sleeping bag and shower necessities. We also include a complimentary basket of goodies to snack on throughout your stay. Send us a private message for further details or call us at 502-933-2142 Monday - Friday 9:00 AM -5:00 PM (there is a lunch break from 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM and we are also on Eastern Standard Time)

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