Do we need to call an exterminator, an exorcist, or The Ghostbusters? Take a look at this video captured in Wichita Falls, Texas, and let us know what you see. This sure doesn't look like a dust orb to us.

So one of my coworkers showed me two videos from his Ring doorbell over the weekend. You get notifications when it detects motion and the doorbell caught a weird orb floating by the door. Sort of looks like the orb that Glenda the Good Witch comes down in "The Wizard of Oz'.


My only guess to this orb is that this is some sort of bug and for some reason, the light is reflecting off of it. Heck, it's 2020 right now and I'm expecting the worse out of every situation. This could be the world's smallest ghost that we have captured on film right here in Wichita Falls. That's right, home to World's Smallest Skyscraper and the world's smallest ghost. Casper, maybe, more adorable though.

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Since we technically don't know what this is, I guess it is considered a UFO, an Unidentified Flying Object. Could we have discovered a new tiny race of aliens? I remember the 'Men in Black' had some tiny space aliens in those movies. Could we have caught their tiny spacecraft on camera?


Once again, anything is possible in 2020. I'm willing to hear out your guesses as to what this could be because my best guess is a bug. We hope the orb likes all the attention it is now getting and this thing doesn't make it to my house next.

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