Since I moved to Maine, I have heard stories about UFO sightings. There is one instance however, that is much more terrifying than just an alien sighting that happened back in 1976.

You may not believe it, but Maine is the state with the highest chance of supernatural sightings in the country. Granted this can include hauntings as well as UFO sightings, but it is crazy to think that so many things have happened and been seen in the state of Maine.

Yes, you can find supernatural activity almost anywhere you go, however, some terrifying stories come from Maine.

According to Only in Your State, back in 1976, four men, Jack Weiner, Jim Weiner, Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz, went for a two-week camping trip in the Allagash Wilderness, in Northern Maine, but something very out of the ordinary happened.

The four men claim that one night when they were out on the water, they noticed a bright light that seemed to be tracking them. However, this weird light disappeared quickly, until two nights later.

After setting up a campfire, they were back out on their boat for about 20 minutes, they again notices this strange light that was beaming down on them. The men began to head back to the shore, however, they do not seem to remember making it back on shore and pulling in the boat, instead, they simply remember just being back.

When they returned to the campfire, it had completely burned out as if they had been gone for hours, but at least that strange light was gone.

The light did not return over the next six days of the trip.

It wasn't until 1988, then two of the men started to have horrible nightmares.

According to Unsolved Mysteries, both Jack Weiner and Jim Weiner started to have these nightmares and chose to speak out about them.

Jack only really told his wife about these nightmares saying that “I was starting to have nightmares, really terrible nightmares that I could not explain. I found myself in a very brightly lit room. I had no idea where I was or why I was there. To my left, I could see my brother Jim, Chuck Rak, and Charlie Foltz sitting on some type of bench, and they were all naked. I was wondering why they weren’t helping me because I felt like I was in danger, and while I’m trying to figure this out, I notice this figure or a dark, shadowy-type figure emerging from this light– this bright light in front of me. I would wake up, uh, uh, sweating and breathing heavily and just in a– in a state of terror and shock.”

The four of them later underwent hypnosis, and all of them experienced horrifying repressed memories of being abducted. What is even scarier, is that all their stories were almost exactly alike.

They all claimed that they were taken up on the spacecraft and forced to strip down for what seemed like a medical examination. They also claimed that the aliens took samples of them, their skin, and body fluids.

What's even crazier though, is that they all ended up passing a polygraph test when they talked about their experience.

If you do not believe in aliens, then keep your eyes on the sky here in Maine, you may end up eventually believing.

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