The more and more that I live in my apartment, I believe that it is haunted. Every so often little things happen that make me believe this. Just the other day, something happened that made me believe even more that this apartment that I chose to live in is haunted (or that there is a ghost attached to me).

Of course, I am going to give you some background to the story before just diving into what happened the other day. So, here we go. It all started small, my cameras in the house would pick up some orbs. Nothing too terrifying, except for the fact that they sometimes would fly toward the kitchen knives.

Next, my boyfriend heard a voice talking to him. Then, one of our bathroom doors would shut and lock on its own. We would find cabinets and doors open or closed that were not left that way. Still, this was nothing that we stressed over, instead, we got witch balls to trap any negative energy that may be trying to harm us.

It seemed that nothing was stopping the paranormal activity that we were witnessing. At one point, a movie we were watching had somehow switched to something else and music that we'd never listened to would randomly start playing on our phones.

Now that you have some background knowledge, let us talk about what I witnessed just the other day.

I was laying down in the living room, which is open next to the kitchen with a hallway attached, and I started to close my eyes. The last thing that I knew was that my boyfriend had walked down the hallway. Moments later, I opened my eyes to see a shadow of a man go from the kitchen to the hallway.

Of course, I had to say something. I immediately yelled to my boyfriend to see where he was. I asked him if he had just been in the kitchen, to which he responded "no."

So, the question is: who did I see walk from the kitchen to the hallway?

To make matters even more creepy, the next day I was sitting on the floor of the living room talking to my father over the phone. I had no apps up on my phone, just the phone call, and my phone started to play the '50s song "Tonight You Belong To Me" by Patience & Prudence.

Never in my life, have I clicked on that song to be played anywhere.

All I knew was that that specific song was part of something creepy. After doing some research, I realized that I knew the song from the opening of one season of the TV show "American Horror Story".

This begged a new question: How was this random song playing on my phone?

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