Morning show hosts Matt and Lizzy from 92 Moose in Augusta were talking about places in Maine that their audience members have either worked or lived at that they thought might have been haunted. It didn't take long for some incredible stories, and photos, to begin pouring in.

However, out of the hundreds of personal accounts people described on their Facebook post, there was one that really stood out. It was a photo submitted by Jessica Harris and it didn't take long to realize what all the fuss was about.

Jessica said that she couldn't remember exactly when the photo was taken but that it was near when the iTouch came out. Apple's iTouch came out in 2007 so we're speculating the photo is about 15 years old.

Jessica says she took this photo of her sister inside her step-dad's house. Now some people, for whatever reason, couldn't make the apparent ghost out in the photo, however, we saw it almost instantly.

Listen to the Radio Segment

See the Ghostly Photo

Here is the full photograph. Do you see the apparent young-looking ghost of a woman right behind the blonde hair of the girl in the photo? We sure do, and it gave up goosebumps!


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