Bolton Mansion, located at 85 Holly Drive, is arguably the most haunted building in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

According to, the house dates back to the 1680s. It was the home of the Pemberton family and says nearly every one of its inhabitants since the days of William Penn has influenced the course of history in (Pennsylvania).”

Over the last 50 years, the home has become a popular destination for ghost hunters, psychics, and people who study the paranormal.

According to GhostlyExcursions the mansion’s most famous spirits are a Confederate soldier and his girlfriend. This soldier upset his father when he decided to fight for the South in the Civil War. After the war, he returned home and ask for his father’s forgiveness, but his father refused. Distraught, the soldier hung himself in the house and was found by his childhood sweetheart, who also ended up killing herself.

Other spirits that inhabit Bolton Mansion & Farm include a woman in a dress and cloak surrounded by an aura, a crying woman who walks the grounds searching for something, and a little girl that stares out from various windows on the second floor of the home.


When the house was going through renovations, several contractors reported seeing spirits of both children and adults.

In addition, says that “paranormal groups have shared EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings and thermal imaging photos that would intrigue even the biggest skeptics.”

And human spirits aren’t the only inhabitants at Bolton Mansion as there's a ghost cat that roams around the house.

Paranormal investigators have spent time in the mansion and chronicled their findings.

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