In an area as old as Bucks County, Pennsylvania, it's no surprise that there are lots of stories about ghosts and haunted places, and the most popular story may be the one about Midnight Mary.

According to weirdus, Mary was a teenager who died on prom night when the car she was a passenger in crashed into Tullytown Lake.  Mary and her date were both killed in the crash, but only his body was recovered.  Legend says that Mary now haunts the area and several people claim to have seen a young girl in a pink dress around the lake and nearby Bordentown Road in Bristol.

One report went like this..."A trucker once called the police after picking up a hitchhiker answering her description, only to find his passenger seat empty of everything but a large puddle."

While some people claim that "Midnight Mary" was actually a girl named Gertrude Spring.  According to findagrave, Spring did die in a car accident near Penn Warner Lake and was buried in Saint James Episcopal Churchyard in Bristol, but she was 26 years old (and too old to be in high school).

Regardless of the fact that there is no evidence that "Midnight Mary" was actually a real person, the legend continues to this day, so if you see a girl in pink dress hitchhiking in Bristol, don't pick her up...or at the very least, put a towel down on your passenger seat before she gets in.

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