The night sky is simply wonderous to us. I'm even willing to bet that there's not a single one of us who hasn't looked up on any given night, taken a deep breath, and just stared in awe.

So with a new year here, 2024 is already welcoming its first of several shows the universe will perform for us. So get ready to look up and enjoy the very first light show of 2024 with the Quadrantids meteor shower. This meteor shower will include what looks like fireballs shooting through the sky, as well according to the Live Science website.

While we have a lot to look forward to, this first one is truly welcoming 2024 on January 3 and 4 with up to 120 shooting stars per hour streaking across our night and daytime sky in all the beauty they bring. The Quadrantid meteor shower according to the  American Meteor Society website has the potential to be the strongest and biggest night of shooting stars for the entire year, too.

And get this, during the daylight hours, it will hit its six-hour peak yet should still be visible for many of us. According to Live Science, the peak will start on January 4 in the pre-dawn hours around 4:53 lasting until around 11 with peak viewing time between 7:45 and 8:15 that morning.

However, if you want to look up into the night sky on Wednesday, January 3 heading into the early morning hours of January 4, you may just catch a glimpse of the light show, it just won't have as many shooting stars flying across the sky each hour.

According to Live Science, it will be around 25 meteors an hour outside of peak viewing time.

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