A video that supposedly features audio of "bigfoot screams" is once again getting attention after it was originally shared in 2012.

Bigfoot Screams Captured On Video

A nearly 15-minute video shared on YouTube in August 2012 claims to feature the "longest audio in the world" featuring the screams of bigfoot. The video, which is mostly dark, was shot in the Sierras near Clipper Mills, California.

Text at the beginning of the video explains a truck owned by the featured family broke down on the way to a nearby lake. They needed to spend the night on the side of the road.

"There was no cell phone service. Nowhere to go," the video reads.

The supposed "screams" started around 10 p.m. The noises are loud enough to elicit a growl out of the family's dog.

"The screams continued for about 2 minutes after we shut off the camera, as they moved down the valley," the family said in the video.

They are 100% certain this was a "very real experience."

"We are convinced that what we heard was not of the norm, and leads us to believe that this was in face a 'bigfoot experience.'"

Why The Bigfoot Scream Video Is Getting Attention In 2024

The original video was recently reshared by a popular blog run by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. The website is a hotspot for information on sasquatch encounters including detailed breakdowns of video footage believed to show bigfoot sightings.

The video of the alleged screams from California was included in a post with other recorded evidence of bigfoot vocalizations.

The YouTube account that initially posted the video also provided additional information about the footage, which was shot from the front of his pontoon boat after breaking down on the side of the road.

"It was scary and an awesome experience at the same time," the video's owner said.

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