You've most certainly heard of Bigfoot before. Or by maybe its other name, Sasquatch.

But the big question is, do you believe Bigfoot exist? And are they living in Maine?

Bigfoot's story really gets going back in 1958, according to, when a letter about the discovery of some large footprints was published along with a journalist's response to it in the Humboldt Times in California.

It didn't take long for people to be fascinated by the possibilities of a giant hairy ape-man hiding out in the wilderness, leaving barely a trace, and the story spread.

And with that meant people trying to prove the mythical (?) creature's existence from reported sightings of Bigfoot itself to finding tracks purported to be from Bigfoot. Interestingly, the reports have been in multiple places across the country, including some in Maine.

In fact, there have been 14 reports associated with Bigfoot in Maine since 1970, according to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Here Are the 14 Times Bigfoot Has Been Reported in Maine

Granted, there have been plenty of hoaxes associated with Bigfoot, but that hasn't deterred people from believing it is out there.

If only we could see a skeleton or get some real definitive proof that would turn Bigfoot from just a legendary tale to a bonafide fact. That would really turn the tide on the Bigfoot conversation.

What do you think? Do you believe in Bigfoot?

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