Maine has quite a few towns with populations of less than 100 people throughout the state. But there are a few ghost towns in the state where no one lives.

From Maxfield in Penobscot County (population 98) to Hibbert's Gore in Lincoln County and Criehaven in Knox County (each with a population of 1), Maine is no stranger to smaller communities. In fact, Maine is pretty proud of having its small communities where everybody knows everybody and where most people stay the hell out of your business. I think that's why we live so far a part, to have our privacy and enjoy the delights of the quiet Maine life.

Some of these small communities are considered unorganized territories.  According to, an unorganized territory has "no local, incorporated municipal government."  Maine has 429 unorganized territories, many of those with fewer than 100 people.  But, there are five unorganized territories in Maine that are "ghost towns" with no residents at all.

These five ghost town locations are scattered throughout various counties in the state of Maine and are five places where you can really disconnect and find a little peace and quiet. Some are on the mainland, some are islands. One in particular didn't have its first flushable toilet until 2009.  But all are considered ghost towns with no one living in these five unorganized territories.

Let's take a look at where these soulless places are in the State of Maine that have no houses, no median age, and possibly no toilets.

Here are five Maine ghost towns with no residents.

5 Maine Towns Where Nobody Lives

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