If you live in Washington, or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, there's a chance you've heard the story of Mel's Hole. Or perhaps you remember the story when it was told to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM.

Back in the '90s, a man called into Bell's program claiming to have a supernatural hole on his property. Over time people became suspicious of his findings. He had claimed animals had died on the property and been pushed into the hole only to be back to life the following day roaming his land.

He claimed supernatural occurrences began to take place on his land and that he felt something horrible was coming. Years passed and soon the story did too until over the last couple of years people started to bring the story up once again. Now it may have been turned into a tv series on Amazon Prime Original called Outer Range.

The show, with serious Yellowstone-but-paranormal vibes, takes place on a Western-styled ranch that somewhat looks like Ellensburg. In this story, the main character played by Josh Brolin is noticing strange occurrences after a drifter asks to camp out on his property claiming that something had pulled her to his ranch.

As time passes the drifter stumbles upon carvings and symbols that she's seen her entire life but has yet to find anywhere else. At some point, Josh Brolin's character stumbles upon the hole and believes it's evil and something horrible is on its way. Now remind you this show is fiction but the story lines up with the one of Mel's Hole leading us to believe it can be its only true source of inspiration.

Outer Range has been renewed for a second season.

Watch the trailer for yourself then check out the series and let us know what you think, did Hollywood adapt a Washington urban legend or is it a strange coincidence?

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