Social media lit up just like the sky early Sunday morning (March 14) over New Jersey with reports of a UFO. Take a look at the action in this video from News 12’s Twitter.

Too much of a wide trail for it to be a meteor. But this wasn’t man-made, either. Or was it?

Turns out it was.

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All the way in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Starlink mission was taking off. Around 6 am it was visible from New Jersey. That wide, illuminated trail? According to, that effect only happens when the atmospheric conditions are just right at either dusk or dawn and they refer to it as a “space jellyfish.”

The SpaceX delivered another 5 dozen Starlink satellites to orbit then successfully landed. The Falcon 9 has launched and landed nine times now.

This is a rocket with a reusable booster designed to launch ten times. Upon each recovery the wear and tear is meticulously studied. Will it nail its tenth launch? Stay tuned.

Here’s a clip of the actual launch from Florida.

These launches are often mistaken for alien spacecraft but we will get used to them eventually.

You want to still believe? The site has New Jersey at the top of the list for the ‘5 Most Credible Modern UFO Sightings.’ It happened June 14, 2001 in the skies near Carteret and the NJ Turnpike. Read more about it here.

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