This would rank as one of the strangest UFO sightings in Missouri history or maybe I should say "over" Missouri. It's what a man describes as a 'spaceship' he saw while traveling over Missouri in a plane.

I'll simply share this for your viewing pleasure and let you decide if what you're seeing is real. I will add that the UFO channel on YouTube that shared it today mentioned it was taken December 11, 2021 by Brian Champlain.

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Once they loop it in slow-motion, you can see some type of...vehicle which appears to have a row of lights on the side moving in what appears to be a pace consistent with the plane.

mavi777 UFO ALARM via YouTube
mavi777 UFO ALARM via YouTube

I wonder if it could be some type of reflection in his window since it does appear moving the same speed as the plane? It is strange. It appears to be a solid object that reflects light.

The skeptic on me always wonders if someone is layering video to create a video like this, but I'll defer to the pros on whether this might be the case.

As it stands, it's a very unusual UFO as seen from above which is a perspective we don't often get.

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