I'm personally a big fan of podcasts, and the creepier, the better. With theater of the mind, you can take someone to different places by adding certain tones to your voice, and certain sound effects. I think that's part of the reason  I love listening to creepier podcasts because they make me feel like I'm a part of the story. You can get completely immersed in the ghost stories because there's now an added element of creepy.  The Evansville, Indiana, North High School Drama Department came up with a 4-episode horror podcast called The Loft, and between the sound effects, and the incredible acting from the high school students, they put you right in the middle of the chaos in the storyline.

Here's what The Loft is about:

After a devastating loss in the family, a young girl and her friends fall into a mystery that has been looming in their community for generations. Through the use of a ouija board, a mysterious new stranger helps them contact the spirit world in search of answers that result in dire consequences. Nightmares, spectral encounters, and exorcisms are the result of their exploration into the paranormal world. Will they make it out with their sanity intact?

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The Loft was recently released and is incredibly done. I've only just finished the first episode, and I can't wait to finish the story, this is definitely a binge-worthy podcast.  These are some seriously talented kids. From the eerie beeping of the hospital monitors to the sound of the lockers slamming in the background when the characters are "at school" you really feel like you're there with them. Not to mention even the episode artwork is fantastic and done by  North High School artist, Nina Spellman.  Nina used her art to capture each episode, you can see each episode's artwork in the Facebook post linked below.  The Loft is available wherever you listen to your podcasts, and all 4 episodes are out now. Click here for the Apple podcast link.

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