We have spent countless hours over the years talking about paranormal happenings here in Maine. Renee and I have even ventured out with local ghost hunters to see what kind of paranormal trouble we could get into. Now, we have even more evidence that there may very well be ghosts among us.

While I was scrolling through my newsfeed this morning, I came across a video that had been posted yesterday by a page called 207 paranormal. The page claims that the video you are about to see was shot via car dashcam somewhere in Falmouth a few days ago.

In the description, they say that at the time of the recording the driver though maybe they had captured a deer or other dark fast-moving animal. Well, the more I watch this video, the more convinced I am that it is certainly NOT a deer that was captured. As you watch the video you will see what appears to be a fairly large and dark, shadowy figure (blob?) moving quickly across the road and then out of view.

No matter what you think this thing could be, it's still pretty cool!

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