A trail cam in Lowell, Maine, in the central part of the state near Bangor, captured what seems to be a mysterious creature. Guesses range from fisher cat, porcupine or even a beaver!

But what is it?

The Bangor Daily News shared an image caught on Norman Tremblay's trail camera he got for Christmas. Norman describes whatever it is as 'creepy'.

Norman was slightly concerned that something so 'creepy' could live on the rural Penobscot County land he owns. And he truly has no clue what it is.

It's Norman's guess that it's a fisher (or fisher cat), according to the BDN, but it looks a bit too chubby for that. Then he thought it could be a porcupine, but there are no quills.

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Now the BDN does point out that the town of Lowell is only 40 miles-ish from Stephen King's house in Bangor...so, that upped the creepy factor. No one has definitively identified this animal.

BDN has sent the photo up to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and hopes to hear back soon.

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