In a post on Reddit, a user from the United Kingdom who uses the handle pipsqueak3431 asked about a "Maine" ring that came into their possession.

I am English and thought I had no links to Maine but I inherited this ring. I wondered if anyone knows anything about the symbols on it or where it may have come from?

The aged ring, which seems to be made from brass (maybe gold?) seems to have the State of Maine seal (with the farmer and fisherman) etched into the top.

In the post he explains that he thought he had no connection to the State of Maine until he inherited the ring, that is.

At least one commenter speculated that it was a "military sweetheart ring" made by a company called Uncas.  Uncas was established in Providence, Rhode Island in 1911.  Apparently, they were known for creating similar rings.

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This comment made the user speculate that maybe one of her ancestors had a relationship with an American soldier from Maine during one of the World Wars.

What do you know about the ring?   Have you ever seen anything like it?

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